Consultation with Mary:  Errors to Avoid – SCMA 10

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Consultation with Mary:  Errors to Avoid

 consultation is important but easy to fall into errors

0:00 - Interior obstacles

0:46 - 1 - Spiritual sloth, horror of effort

Mary will not do our thinking for us we need always to put the effort forth and not retreat from them

1:50 - 2 - Haste and mechanical routine

To be too quick at assuming what Mary wants to do

must be willing to consult with Mary

2:34 - 3 - Attachment to what we want to do

We need to place ourselves in holy indifference

we imagine that Mary wants us to do what pleases us

so we will not look for Our Lady's input

3:26 - 4 - Neglecting Spiritual Direction and or confession

 consultation is not a replacement for spiritual direction or confession or any other second cause

 consultation does not replace but augments enable us to confession and direction better

 4:20 - 5 - Feelings and Imagination

Confusing our own thoughts and feelings with those of Mary

 strong feelings are not necessarily Our Ladies will

 consultation with Mary will often induce us to work against our own feelings

5:14 - Importance of Making a Habit of Consultation 

To do it often and do it well.

Ave Maria!

These first episodes are based on the Book - Life of Union with Mary by Fr. Emile Neubert

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