Consultation with Mary – School of Mary 9

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Consultation with Mary is an active effort to know Our Lady's wishes in every circumstance of our lives

o:oo - What we are to do, and how to do it

0:48 - Five major areas

 1 - Fulfilling duties

 2 - Using Leisure Time

 3 - Bearing crosses

 4 - Discerning Inspirations

 5 - Making reparation for false mistakes

1:25 - How do we consult Our Lady?

As  we would to any other person in whom we have total confidence

Knowing she is present and we can converse with her

1:50 - Dialogue with Mary

1 - tell her what we aren't we supposed to do

2 - listen prayerfully

2:20 Active effort

Our lady guides are reflections, but we need to do the effort and reflect

Helps us to discern the circumstances

Faith seeks understanding

4:03 Duration 

Faster than it might seem, a simple glance our lady offensive suffices

 becomes easier with practice

 proportionate to action

 always an active effort not a “revelation”

Our lady puts us to work 

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These first episodes are based on the Book - Life of Union with Mary by Fr. Emile Neubert

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