The Snare of an Affair – 6th Commandment, Part 9th – Jun 27 – Homily – Fr Terrance

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Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Jun 27, 2022, on adultery that is covered by the 6th Commandment and how it is a snare to our marital and moral life.

CCC 2380 Cultivated thoughts of adultery are sinful as well. Associated with idolatry and false worship, cheating on Our Lord the heavenly spouse of our souls.

David and Bathsheba, every step toward her was a step away from God. Need to keep eye on heavenly spouse in times of temptation

Adultery related to Adulteration, distortion

Adultery due to spiritual immaturity, June Hunt, Adultery: The Snare of an Affair (Hope for the Heart)

Deceptive, Distorts marriage, running away from reality, escapism

Mistakes of faithful spouse:

1 Keep trying to change their unfaithful spouse

2 always bringing up the past and past offenses

3 Blame themselves, sin of others is ultimately the choice of the one who committed

4 Meet all the needs of the unfaithful spouse.

5 Do not be so dependent on the spouse but rather on the lord

Unfaithful spouse:  Repentance is needed of an adulterous spouse, change themselves, not focus on the faults of their spouse, need to seek help, and develop a deeper connection to the spouse. Must become less selfish, and focus on the needs of the other.

Five steps if spouse is unfaithful:

1 confront

2 don't blame yourself, but still, try to improve

3 don't get angry

4 lean on God

5 Choose to forgive, which is to in the feeling. Can't change feelings but can choose

Intervention tips:

1 be detached from unrealistic expectations and attach oneself to God.

3 Give time to  greave

3 dedicate .... patience

4 loving responses

5 learn why people fall into adultery

6 Share with spouse damage self and to others

7 Stop enabling by ignoring sings

8 Express feelings to spouse without getting angry

9 Pray with knowledge that God will have

Ave Maria!

Mass: St. Cyril of Alexandria - Opt Mem
Readings: Monday 13th Week of Ordinary Time -
1st: amo 2:6-10, 13-16
Resp: psa 50:16-23
Gsp: mat 8:18-22

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