True Devotion to Our Lady: 5 Characteristics – SCMA 8

By May 14, 2022July 3rd, 2022Fr. Matthias M. Sasko, School of Mary

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True Devotion to Our Lady

0:00 - Five Fundamental characteristics according to St Louis De Montfort

0:30 - 1 - Interior, From the mind and from the heart

 A knowledge of who Our Lady is and what she wants us to do for her 

1:20 - 2 - Trustful  - Confidence in Her Role as Mediatrix

1:45 - 3 - Holy - Avoid sin, imitate her virtues

2:03 - Ten Virtues of Our Lady

Humility, Faith, Obedience, Prayer, self-denial, purity, love, patience, kindness, wisdom

2:25 - 4 - Constant - Strengthens us to Persevere

Strengthens us to not give up and not give in to the maxims of the world

3:00 - 5 - Disinterested - Seek God Alone

As far as us to seek God Alone, not ourselves, to love Mary as Christ did, in good times and bad.

3:28 - Recap 

Ave Maria!


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