Is God Infinite Love… Or Infinite Suffering (BONUS: “Centering” in theology) KBGF 21

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Is God the Infinite source of Love, or is he an Infinite abyss of Suffering? This is one of the most controversial topics in contemporary theology.

This week we look at the article of Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner: “Neo-patripassionism From a Scotistic Viewpoint,” which is to be including in his collected works, and the introduction to Part IV of his book "The Theologian of Auschwitz."
Dr. Goff presents on contemporary Neo-Patripassionist theologians such as Moltmann, Walter Kasper, and Bruno Forte. He speaks on "centering" in theology and their attempts to supplant metaphysics with experience in order to "historicize" the Trinity so to "vivify" theology.
Fra Charles then presents the introduction to Part IV of "The Theologian of Auschwitz" in which Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner answers claims that Kolbe breaks from Scotus in his approach to the Immaculate Conception and asks what links the Creator to creation such that theology can deal with both the Eternal Trinity in itself and its manifestation in history in the divine missions, in Jesus with Mary.
Fehlner, “Neo-patripassionism From a Scotistic Viewpoint.” _Quaderni di studi Scotisti_ 3 (2006) 35–96.
Fehlner, "The Theologian of Auschwitz"
00:00:00 Opening
00:01:15 Start on Patripassionism
00:04:20 "Centering" in theology
00:10:25 Concern of Scotus
00:11:30 Fehlner's Account: Scotus founds something new?
00:13:40 Scotus' critique of modern "centering"
00:15:25 Correct analysis btwn Metaphysics and Experience
00:17:11 Ancient Patripassionism
00:20:10 Modern Patripassionism
00:24:20 Major Error of Neo-Patripassionism
00:28:10 Bruno Forte: Metaphysics is unBiblical and spiritual poor
00:29:33 Bruno Forte: To escape meaningless essentialism...
00:31:07 Bruno Forte: Subjectivity and History
00:33:00 Bruno Forte: GOD SUFFERS!
00:37:40 Bruno Forte: God must suffer to be God
00:41:33 Fehlner responds...
00:42:55 Fehlner's Summary of Errors
00:45:22 Summary of Scotistic Counterclaim
00:48:30 Rejoinder: Person, Nature, Kenotic Mode of Incarnation
00:53:20 Nothing important
00:56:20 Question on Centering
00:58:40 Axiom: God's Love, not Christ as Center
01:02:50 Bonaventure: Christocentric or Logocentric?
01:10:00 Bonaventure on "-centric", Absolute Primacy of Christ
01:15:15 Error: Incarnation for the perfection of creation
01:19:00 From Triplex Verbum to Absolute Primacy
01:22:22 Start of Presentation on Part IV
01:23:00 Context and contents of P. IV of the book
01:24:50 Scotus and Kolbe: Two different stories?
01:26:30 One Spirit, Different modes & degrees
01:28:55 Mariological Synthesis: Premise and Complement
01:30:59 The key middle term
01:31:22 Primary: Of the Voluntary
01:33:06 Primacy: Of Person and Freedom
01:35:58 Primacy: Of Charity
01:39:00 Primacy: Of Christ - Potuit, Decuit, Fecit
01:41:09 Charity links the Trinity to Economy
01:41:43 Different views on Immaculate Conception
01:44:35 Complement, Ad Intra & Ad Extra
01:47:00 Conversation on Bonaventure's De mysterio Trinitatis, d. 7
01:49:13 Memory, Intellect, Will: Notional Acts and Concomitant Acts in the Trinity
01:55:00 Independence and Necessity of Person
02:03:35 Planning for next seminar

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