Karl Rahner Vs. Duns Scotus (BONUS: Existentialism vs. Essentialism) KBGF 20

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We take a break from Fr. Peter Fehlner's "The Theologian of Auschwitz" in order to look at his article criticizing the German theologian Karl Rahner, SJ. After a philosophy-heavy presentation of his Kantian foundations, we explore how he was trying to re-found theology after the critiques of modern philosophy of Aristotelian assumptions.

However, as Fr. Peter point out and Dr. J. Isaac Goff explains to us, Bonaventure and Scotus saw and responded to these same weaknesses centuries before without falling into the dangers of either agnosticism or pantheism contained in Rahner and the Transcendental Thomists.

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:23 Start of Fehlner article on Rahner
00:02:45 Basic Themes of themes
00:03:40 Questions addressed by Rahner
00:06:30 The German attach on metaphysics
00:08:30 What is the Noumenon: Thinking agnostic of existence
00:12:45 Kantian a priori
00:13:00 Phenomenal experience vs. Noumenal beyond
00:15:35 Starting point: The Transcendental "I"
00:16:18 Transcendental Knowledge
00:17:10 What is Transcendental Thomism?
00:18:15 Two Interpretations of "Anthropological Shift"
00:20:45 Quote from Fr. Peter, p. 74
00:21:58 Three Protestant Hot Topics
00:22:25 What is a Theologoumenon?
00:24:24 Deconstruction of Metaphysics: Descartes, Berkeley, Hume
00:27:25 Personal Experience: Phenomenon and Noumenon
00:31:07 Program of the Article, p. 75
00:32:00 Transcendental Christology vs Christocentrism
00:33:30 Freedom for Rahner and Fehlner's Critique
00:40:20 Fehlner on Transcendental Freedom
00:42:35 Contemporary emphasis on "values" is Kantian
00:44:00 Other Definitions: Creaturality, Transc. Experience, Person
00:45:50 Metaphysical is cancelled
00:48:10 Knowledge at core as a-thematic, Fehlner's Critique
00:59:15 Kant and the adjective "pure" w/ a priori, a posteriori
01:01:00 Kant: agnosticism's daddy
01:03:00 Goff responds
01:07:20 Limitations of Aristotelian Philosophical Psychology
01:11:40 Rahner trying to address Kant, Hegel, and Heideggar
01:15:40 Bonaventure and Scotus already addressed them
01:21:00 Something rational--preconceptual but not empty--in our mode of being
01:21:45 Fundamental point of Fr. Peter: priority of contemplative consciousness
01:26:00 Essential vs Accidental Order
01:28:00 Rahner has intuition, but...
01:30:15 A correct Anthropological Shift
01:32:50 Fehlner's Fundamental Critique of Rahner
01:35:00 Is preconceptual being empty of meaning?
01:36:45 Scotus corrects Bonaventure on the centering of theology
01:37:30 Absolute Christocentrism collapses God-in-himself into God-with-us
01:41:30 Concept of Being: A-thematic vs Meaningless
01:44:30 Incomprehensibility does not mean absence of knowledge
01:49:15 Essentialism versus Existentialism
01:56:45 Critique of Essentialism
01:59:25 Critique of Existentialism
02:01:45 Franciscan Essentialism: Any living thing is first something
02:04:30 Anarchism vs Radically "archic" Trinity
02:09:45 Baptizing the Neumenal: Light, Fittingness, Language
02:12:45 Scotus departs from Scholasticism on Language
02:14:25 Hume and Locke vs Newman and Scotus
02:19:45 Being is higher than Understanding
02:20:30 Start planning for next time
02:23:55 Blessing

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