The Answer to All Our Problems – Dec 20 – Homily – Fr Terrance

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Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Dec 20, 2021, on how the fact that Mary is full of grace is the answer to all our problems.


The Annunciation of the Angel that Mary is full of grace and will be the Mother of God is full of meaning.

Includes many plays on words in the Greek and terms that are never used elsewhere in scripture or anywhere else.

In Latin, the angel says Ave Maria! Ave is the reverse of Eve so Mary reverses the disobedience of Eve.

"Full of Grace" defines Mary. Mary let God define her. We should allow God to do the same to us.

She continued to grow in grace and has first place in God's heart and we should honor her as well.

The world is ruled by Satan. But he never had the slightest foothold in Mary.

If we praise the Mother we praise the Son. It does not take anything away from Christ but only adds to His praise.

Sanctity is the answer to all the problems to conquer sin.

Ave Maria!

Mass: Weekdays of Advent - Dec 20
Readings:  -
1st: isa 7:10-14
Resp: psa 24:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Gsp: luk 1:26-38

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