The Precious Gift of Our Sufferings – Dec 06 – Homily – Fr Terrance

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Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Dec 06, 2021, on how people with various maladies who were seeking the miracles of healing that Jesus performed are signs that he is the Messiah, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah. Father explains how our sufferings are actually a gift from God that helps us to know that our brokenness, and that of others, helps us to seek Jesus for healing, and even if he does not heal, He helps us to suffer in union with Him and so turns the evil of our sufferings into good.

Ave Maria!

Mass: St. Nicholas - Opt Mem
Readings: Monday in the 2nd Week in Advent -
1st: isa 35:1-10
Resp: psa 85:9-10, 11-12, 13-14
Gsp: luk 5:17-26

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