Nov 29 – St. Humilis of Bisignano – Franciscan Saint of the Day

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The Life of St. Humilis of Bisignano, Confessor, First Order (d. 1637) for the Franciscan Saint of the Day for Nov 29. St. Humilis of Bisignano was born in Bisignano, Italy, and was a pious, studious boy. He entered the Franciscans as a brother but then had to delay for 9 years. He grew in humility and love of poverty. God gave him extraordinary wisdom so he was sought for advice by two successive popes. He was known as a mystic and wonderworker

Reflection is on love of the Sacred Heart
Flames of fire is the love of God for humanity
The heart has thorns, Christians weave these, heathen wove crown on his head
The humility of Christ's heart, "I am meek and humble of heart"

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Read by Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, FI from Marion Habig's 'The Franciscan Book of Saints' Revised Edition, Franciscan Herald Press, ISBN: 978-0819907516

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