Sacraments and Statutes BONUS discussion on Contextual Theology – KBGF 13

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In this encounter with Dr. J. Isaac Goff, we address both Franciscan sacramental theology and chapter 4 of our book, The Theologian of Auschwitz by Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner.


00:00:00 Scotistic Manuals available on Google Books

00:12:30 Critique of Contextual Theology

00:27:00 Christ as Teacher and theology

00:43:05 Centrality of the Person in Christian Theology

00:48:00 Franciscan Sacramental Causality and Personal Causality

00:56:00 Bonaventure and 4 Sentences, Dist. 1, Part 1

01:06:30 Bonaventure and Breviloquium, Part 6, Ch. 2

01:13:43 Sacraments, Typology, and Personalization

01:24:25 Statute of MI: Prophecy and reality

01:25:15 Statute of MI: Aim, Condition, Means

01:29:00 Statute of MI: Total Consecration contextualized in concrete lives

01:32:15 Statute of MI: Taken as a vow as a consequence of consecration

01:35:15 Transubstantiation into the Immaculate

01:36:30 Kolbe's Marian Consecration is Christic, Trinitarian, and Sacramental

01:45:00 Contemporary reception of Kolbe: Marian and Petrine Profiles of the Church, Lumen Gentium 8

01:49:45 Secularity and Secularism in light of Duns Scotus and morally neutral acts

02:00:15 Sergius Bulgakov vs. Augustine in the analysis of history

02:06:10 Two Cities, Two Flags, Children of one of the two Eve's

02:14:45 Two modes of socialization: Church or Communism

02:15:40 C. S. Lewis' Space Trilogy, That Hideous Strength, and Merlin

02:20:00 Dirt Poor Robins' album Dead Horse Alaska

Ave Maria!


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