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Ave Maria!

Friar Gabriel outlines the meaning of the rosary by first reciting his own poem that forms an outline of the twenty mysteries. Here is the poem with timestamps.

00:00 - Intro
09:17 - Poem Full
13:38 - Joyfuyl #1 Annunciation
- When the lord created light, he said “let it be”
- When God asked to be her son; this was Mary’s plea
15:46 - #2 Visitation
- Six months after John’s conception, Christ our flesh assumed
- Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice; the best man met the groom
18:25 - #3 Nativity
- On the greatest night of all, we heard the angels sing
- The snow came down from up above, and Christ was born our king.
24:10 - #4 Presentation
- Anna too with Simeon longed, to see with their own eyes
- Our salvation to appear; god the lord most high
26:44 - #5 Finding
- Mary looked and joseph sought, Jesus for three days
- She remembered this event, when he had been raised
29:32 - Luminous #1 Baptism
- When the Baptist saw the Christ, behold the lamb he cried
- The Jordan river’s winding torrent, it was sanctified
36:08 - #2 Wedding Feast
- On the couple’s wedding night, the jug of wine ran dry
- Mary took one glance at Christ, and with her sigh complied
39:28 - #3 Proclamation of the Kingdom
- Heaven’s kingdom’s close at hand, turn from selfishness
- Have the mind of Christ the Lord, and yield not to the flesh
40:35 - #4 Transfiguration
- Jesus shone with whitest light, on tabor’s lonely mountain
- Jesus, Moses and Elijah, talked about his passion
43:19 - #5 Last Supper
- The first command was not to eat, or death would enter in
- Now the flesh and blood of Christ, our fruit to conquer sin
45:36 - Sorrowful #1 Agony in the Garden
- In the garden we did fall; Adam’s great regret
- Jesus saved us in the same, with his bloody sweat
47:35 - #2 Scourging
- Why is your apparel red, like one who presses wine?
- Jesus would endure the lash, to pay our debt in fine
49:35 - #3 Crowning of Thorns
- The head of Isaac’s ram had stuck; a sheep caught by his horns
- A thousand years from that day, Christ was crowned with thorns
51:12 - #4 Carrying the Cross
- Isaac also carried wood, his father carried fire
- This ancient type was now fulfilled, by god our one desire
51:30 - #5 Crucifixion
- Just as Moses lifted up, the serpent in the desert
- So too Christ was lifted up, so we could live forever
53:09 - Glorious #1 Ressurection
- On the first day of the week, the sun had now been raised
- Like the day star up above, Christ lights all our days.
56:07 - #2 Ascension
- No one can ascend to heaven, but he who came from there
- He prepares a place for us, rising through the air
59:00 - #3 Pentecost
- power, charity and fire, came to rest on twelve
- And on her whose eyes are doves, who reared the young gazelle
1:01:31 - #4 Assumption
- Taken up in soul and body, out of evil’s scope
- Mary is our preview now, of what shall be our hope
1:03:44 - #5 Coronation
- Crowned as queen and virgin mother, enjoy eternal rest
- Intercede on our behalf, and we shall pass the test.
1:07:13 - Conclusion
Prayer consecration to Sacred and Immaculate Hearts

This was part of the 2021 Spring Marian Day of Reflection on May 1st at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center in Bloomington, Indiana

For both Videos for the Spring 2021 Marian Day of Reflection: https://airmaria.com/tag/marian-day-spring-2021/

Also on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ZeCBi3Cxxng


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  • Caroline Muller says:

    Br.Gabriel Cortes, The Holy Skateboarder and who knew it a great poet too!! Yes, your poem was very creative, helpful and useful to me!! You might want to check out James Pringle on YouTube. I bet he and his Christian Band would love using your lyrics in a song or two!! Ave Maria!!!
    Best regards,
    Caroline Muller

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