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Ave Maria!

The Band of Mary's Men, Fr. Elias Mills, F.I., Dr. Robert Fastiggi, and Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins rebuts much of the content of Tim Staples' interview on Catholic Answers, January 18, 2021, on the subject of the Vatican's recent decree regarding the alleged apparitions of The Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam and the related doctrine of Mary as Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces.

Tim Staples on Catholic Answers -

00:00 - Intro - Fr. Elias
02:10 - Fastiggi - Did Ida Peerdeman have a spiritual director?
04:01 - Was use of Coredemptrix Forbidden in Vatican II?
05:07 - Did Cardinal Ratzinger condemn the title?
06:49 - Does prayer of "who once was Mary" cancel out Mary's Name?
09:20 - Did Bishop Punt Contradict the Vatican by approving it?
13:44 - Were prayer gatherings in the name of "The Lady of All Nations" banned?
15:33 - History leading to the new negative decree.
19:40 - Was the Title Coredemptrix used by Popes?
21:24 - Calkins - Vatican Sentiments regarding Coredemptrix
26:04 - Infallibility without Pope e.g. Divine Mercy, Immaculate Conception
28:26 - Not just about Titles but Mary's Real Participation
33:48 - "Co-" does not mean equal to Redeemer
34:43 - Ecumenical Worries, Protestants rejection of our participation in our salvation
36:58 - Fastiggi - Coredemptrix in Vatican II and Magisterium
39:26 - Dogmatic Statement would clarify the meaning of the titles
39:41 - Coredemption, Past Movements and Liturgy
41:52 - Vatican II taught Mary Mediatrix, but weak.
43:50 - Dogmas are declared based on Bible and Tradition
45:42 - What to do next
46:14 - Coredemption, Mary as the New Eve working with the New Adam
47:07 - All Nations, Mary the mother of all the living Gen 3:20
48:14 - Examples of resistance, misunderstanding of "Coredemptrix"
51:20 - Stabat Mater Hymn 800 years old Mary's Role at the Cross
52:05 - St Iraneus on Co-redemption in Vatican II
52:59 - Calkins - Dogmatic declaration will end chaos in the Church and World
55:59 - Closing Prayer
57:46 - Missio Immaculatae Magazine

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Host Fr. Elias Mills, FI - Rector at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Lacrosse, WI

Dr. Robert Fastiggi -

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