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Ave Maria!

Fr. Elias gives a short history of Catholicism in Japan from St. Francis Xavier to St. Paul Mikki, St. Francis Nagasaki and his martyr companions (whose feast day is Feb 6th) and then to St. Maximillian Kolbe, Our Lady of Akita, and more. It covers:

0:00 - Mary and St. Francis Xavier, 1549
1:44 - The Great Persecution, Martyrs of Nagasaki
St Paul Miki and Companions
3:29 - Onsen hot springs
4:57 - St. Magdalene of Nagasaki & Bl. Justo Takayama Ukon
6:02 - Martyrs of Tokyo 1620
6:29 - Shimabara Rebellion 1638
7:57 - Opening of Japan 1853, Discovery of Hidden Christians
10:30 - Christianity in the Modern Era, Nagasaki
11:56 - Servant of God Takashi Nagai
13:48 - Hiroshima Jesuits
14:35 - St Maximillian Kolbe - Garden of the Immaculate
15:58 - Ven. Satoko Kitahara and friar Zenon Zebrowski
17:40 - Our Lady of Akita, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa
19:19 - Future: Hope in Our Lady

Also at YouTube https://youtu.be/0Kk7rZUr-6s


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