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By January 14, 2021February 18th, 2021Fra Roderic Mary, Mary to the Moon

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Friar Roderic Burke takes you on a Franciscan Cyberspace Odyssey as he explains how Facebook has created a divisive, toxic mix of computers, social media, artificial intelligence, and commercial advertising, and then he explains how to fix this with a dose of Franciscan spirituality, focused on Mary the mother of Christ. And he does this all in five-minutes, ... well ... sort of. He covers:

0:00 - Introduction
1:58 - Materialism: Unhappy, Divisive Lie
2:37 - Divisiveness for more materialistic ads
3:53 - Having HAL and Facebook Lie Corrupts them
4:18 - Charitable Advertising is the Remedy
5:11 - Rebalance Charitable vs. Commercial Advertising
5:29 - Taxes & Tax Breaks
5:52 - Equality from Charity
6:34 - Unitive Spirituality & Charity
7:09 - Heals Secular vs. Religious division
7:33 - Exemplified by Christ & Mary
7:56 - Religious Conviction for Unity
8:20 - Conclusion: Cyberspace & Outer Space Odyssey

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