Pro-life: Abby Johnson’s Journey Cont. – 2/3 – Sidewalk Counselors’ Retreat 2019 – CONF 518

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, FI gives the second talk of 3 for the Sidewalk Counselors' Retreat 2019 which continues his talk on Abby Johnson's Journey where he left off. Here is the complete outline:

Previous video:

Abby Johnson’s Journey

- 1) Mortal (formal) Sin

- 2) Rejecting Conscience

This video starts here:

- 3) Intellect Darkened

- 4) Abyss calls to Abyss

- 5) Satanic Secrets

- 6) Grace Intervenes

- 7) Lessons from Abby

  • Learn tactics

  • Presence makes a difference

  • Don’t be radical (Graphics, Murderer, not helpful)

  • Be kind talk to them

  • Teach chastity

  • Tell mothers they are mothers

  • What would have moved her What would your mother think

  • Need to pray and sacrifice

  • Patience and perseverance through discouragements

  • Conversions are the fruit of years of sacrifice

  • Keep in mind that it works

This retreat was held a the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center for the spiritual renewal and encouragement of pro-life sidewalk counselors on December 14, 2019.

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