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Ave Maria!

Roy Schoeman gives an account of his conversion story which is the the first of two talks at the Marian Day on May 4th, 2019 at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center in Bloomington, IN.

02:00 - Jewish and Catholic are not two religions but two phases of the same faith. As a Catholic I am a fulfilled Jew. Jews fit into the salvation plan even today.  I am a Son of Holocaust survivors.
09:00 - At MIT I lost my faith embraced Pseudo Science. Answer to this is Modern Miracles, Shroud, Tilma, Fatima, Eucharistic miracles
11:00 - Lourdes atheist who tried to disproved, I don't care how much evidence, I won't believe
13:00 - Harvard business professor at 29 years old
14:00 - Tried to find fulfillment at: bar mitzvah, drivers license, girlfriend, job, tenure, but none. Great despair
16:00 - Cape Cod dunes, vision of God, shown regrets if I died that day, not acknowledging love in life, That disasters in life are valuable, missed opportunities
17:00 - Love and serve God. God creator of existence from nonexistence, that God would have created everything for me alone was most transformative.
19:00 - All instantaneous, could see the physical and spiritual world at same time. Surprised that he could not see the spiritual before, which was more real than the physical.
20:00 - But Moral transformation took some time. Very Selfish. Did not see problem with this but did not realize that I was being stupid. I should at least be selfish and smart.
22:00 - New vision of God but not sure where this God fit into idea I had of him from Old Testament. Wanted to know who's God he is and what religion to follow. Willing to follow God into any religion but not Christianity. This came from the anti-christian Jewish perspective.
24:00 - Knew God existed, god is all loving, day of death is happiest day of our life.
25:00 - Walking on cloud nine. Wanted to spread news, and build up account in heaven. Smart selfishness.
26:00 - Went to find a mystic in Cambridge Ma, found one newager, kabalist, but saw book there on Fatima. Was indignant that no one told him about it after so many years of education and asking why there are no miracles today. This planted a seed.
30:00 - Often asked in prayer for name of God he met in the dunes. Woken at night brought to room with beautiful woman, knew it was Virgin Mary, voice of beautiful music. Asked many question, prayers she liked, wanted to honer her.
34:00 - How can she be so glorious? She said, I am but a thing, but daughter of Father, mother of Son, spouse of Holy Spirit. Knew it was Mary and Christ was the one who appeared on Cape Cod.
37:00 - Woke up and looked for a church. Wanted to see her again but did not and this was difficult, fortunately this realization came slowly.
39:00 - Protestant first. but did not honor Mary so left. Went to Marian shrines La Salette in Attleboro, Ma.
40:00 - Questions - how did family react? First three years was easy because I did not tell them. They did notice how much kinder I was to them, but they went ballistic when they found out. 30 years, 2014 assisted living, 102 years old, Jesus appeared to him. Baptized on Good Friday and died on Easter Tuesday. Mom all the more mad. But again on death bed, I gave my testimony, and she thanked me restored her faith in Judaism and helped her believe in Catholic faith, rosary, scapular, last rights, funeral mass, catholic procession to Jewish cemetery,
49:00 - How I came to avoid anti-catholic attitude. La Salette in MA was good but knew of real La Salette in France, visited. They let him stay there even though he was Jewish. After complaining to God about missing skiing by going to La Salette, had a dream, God appeared, "You can ski or you can work for the kingdom of God"
53:00 - Introduced to the Carthusians, needed to talk to get explanations on the mystical experience. Never pressured me to be Catholic, but rather keep eyes open and be honest with myself. Chanting divine office from Old Testament. Joyful despite severe lifestyle, strong devotion to Virgin Mary.

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