Video – Lent & Penance – Fr. Ignatius – Lenten Reflection – CONF 475 (2019)

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Ignatius gives the second of two talks on the role of penance for the 2019 Lenten Reflection on Prayer and Penance at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center, a conference on prayer and penance to prepare for Easter.

For both the videos from this day of refection:

Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center:

01:00 - Obtaining, Maintaining and Progressing in Grace

05:00 - Paul VI, Fast and Abstinence

10:00 - Precept of the Church - ascesis - two days in Lent

14:00 - Whole Church needs to do penance, work of Christ

16:00 - Expiation against sin: rebellion, carnality, vengeance

17:00 - Renewal of Church

18:00 - Salutatory Abstinence - Detachment, break impediments to spiritual progress

20:00 - Three reasons for abstinence - 1 Chastises ones soul, 2 Disposes one to prayer avoid Acedia, sloth or boredom, 3 Better Understanding of Divine

25:00 - Goal is surrender to God

26:00 - Social aspect, sacrifice for others, OLO Fatima to Children

28:00 - Following Christ

29:00 - Orientates toward Heaven, moving forward,

30:00 - Live for others not for self

32:00 - Live by the Spirit, not by the flesh, become liberated from chains of sin

33:00 - Acts of Penance - to fulfill duties of state in life.

35:00 - to overcome differences and difficulties, foster patience in misfortune

37:00 - Voluntary acts - Especially during Lent: Fasting, small sacrifices

41:00 - St Francis' Penances: Fasting, forsaking pleasures, discipline. to a seraphic level

43:00 - For example to our materialistic world and witness of charity


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