Prof. Richard L. Russell – Former CIA / The Lady of All Nations / Messages of WAR or PEACE

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Ave Maria!
I just added an outline (in the description) to an old video done by Prof. Richard Russel Ph.D. in 2011 on the Lady of All Nations apparitions at Amsterdam in the two decades after World War II. It is very interesting because he was an analyst for the CIA for seventeen years and now a professor of foreign affairs and is a recent convert. He finds these apparitions so credible because Mary is a far better predictor of future events than the CIA or any intelligence institution on Earth. The video is worth looking at during these troubled times especially since he predicted that the Arab Spring that was happening the year he gave the talk would result in a huge increase in immigration that would be a source of division in Europe, and thus fulfill the predictions of Mary through the seer Ida Peerdeman. To see this long before the immigration crisis and resulting Brexit and other EU tensions shows his credentials in understanding foreign affairs.
Here it is  on Youtube >>>

And here it is on AirMaria:

0:01 Intro
0:45 Conversion to Catholicism
2:14 Discovery of the Lady of All Nations
4:57 Experience at CIA: OLAN far better at predicting events
6:57 Prophecy vs Prediction
8:00 Outline of scope: Past, Present, Future
9:15 Past: Messages after WWII
– 9:35 Rise of Israel
– 10:08 Red China
– 10:35 North Korea
– 12:00 Russia H-bomb
– 13:18 Cold War ending peacefully
– 15:30 Balkans and Persian Gulf
16:10 Present: Predictions coming true today
– 16:20 Cairo, Egypt revolution
– 17:26 Destabilization, dividing the world
– 20:20 Persia Iran
– 21:12 Jerusalem, Israel
22:45 Future: Warnings for the future
– 22:56 China entering the Church after fighting
– 23:30 Taiwan
– 24:10 Nature of Modern Warfare, Missiles
– 24:42 Chemical weapons
– 25:42 Biological weapons
– 26:45 Russian development
– 28:56 Further alarming inventions potential disaster, genetics?
29:50 Implications to Devotion to Our Lady of all Nations
– 30:07 Spread the message
– 30:27 Prayer “who once was called Mary”
– 31:40 Promote the Fifth Marian Dogma, Coredemption
– 32:35 Ecumenical concerns
– 33:30 Church built to the Lady of all Nations in Amsterdam
– 34:50 Love of God and neighbor
– 36:00 Pray the Rosary for peace
– 37:12 Trust in Mary, the Lady of all Nations

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