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The world’s smallest image of the Virgin Mary: Virgin of the Litanies

By August 19, 2018Immaculate Art, News

Ave Maria! The Statue the Virgin of the Litanies offers a quiet reflection on Our Lady’s maternal love for each of her children. She humbles herself and makes herself small; “playing in the world; delighting to be with the children of men” (cf. Proverbs 8:31).

“A chapel in the city of Viacha, in the province of Ingavi, Bolivia, is responsible for housing the Virgin of the Litanies. This is quite a special image — not only because visiting it involves a trip to a city 4,200 meters above sea level, but also because the image itself is only 4.7 cm tall, making it a contender for the smallest image of the Virgin Mary in the world…”

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