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Fra Angelico’s Virgin of Humility

Enjoy two saintly soul’s reflections on the humility of Our Lady…

“All the greatness of the Blessed Virgin was accomplished by the humility of her most holy Heart. From the first to the last moment of her life, her humility never ceased to invoke and draw upon her grace after grace, perfection after perfection, holiness upon holiness, until it brought her to the summit of the grace and holiness that, next to that of Christ, ever was or shall be greatest among men. As St. Bernard puts it: “It was just that she who considered herself the least of creatures, even though she was above all others, should have been honored as the worthiest and holiest of all.” Would you observe the admirable effects of such prodigious humility in the Heart of the Queen of the humble? Consider Mary throughout the course of her life, and you will see that, just as the life of Jesus was a constant exercise of humility, so the life of His Blessed Mother constituted a perpetual practice of the same virtue.”  (The Admirable Heart of Mary by St. John Eudes )


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