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Ecumenical group’s book captures different perspectives on Virgin Mary 

Ave Maria!  A Christian ecumenical group has just released an anthology of writings about the Virgin Mary from a variety of denominations.  This is intriguing, because many Protestants show an aversion to talking about the Virgin Mary much.  The publication of an inter-denominational collection of writings about her could pave the way to increased dialogue and understanding.

Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania, an ecumenical group, has published the second volume in a series of collected writings by local preachers — this one about the Virgin Mary.

“Blessed Art Thou Among Women: Southwest Pennsylvania Preaches on Mary, Mother of Jesus” brings together the work of 19 bishops, priests, pastors, deacons and the vowed religious from throughout the region.

The authors represent several Christian traditions, including American Baptist, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Mennonite, Presbyterian and Eastern Orthodox.

The book is available for free download at . Printed copies are available for a small fee.

“The breadth of perspectives in this volume is truly remarkable,” said the Rev. Liddy Barlow, CASP executive minister and the book’s editor. “Whether they are writing about the Annunciation narrative in Luke, or John’s account of the Crucifixion, about special days such as the Feast of the Presentation, or apparitions at Fatima or Guadalupe, these writers use their knowledge and creativity to introduce us to the Theotokos, Mary, a young woman who became Mother of God.”

Source: Ecumenical group’s book captures different perspectives on Virgin Mary | TribLIVE

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