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Ave Maria Meditations

What does it mean not to forgive? It means that I’m holding a grudge, a judgment, sometimes a hatred in my heart. And this poison to my heart. My heart is not pure; it is not free. It’s as if I’m caring a poison in myself. This does harm to me for many reasons.

What happens when we don’t forgive? It means I am held prisoner by my past. It is as though a chain is holding me in the past. I am not free to receive the graces of today. On the contrary, when I forgive, I am free. I am no longer in the state of dependence. I can be completely myself, and I can allow the grace of God to dwell in me. I can allow positive thoughts and hopes instead of stirring up a poison in myself. Forgiveness sets me free.

Be encouraged to ask for the grace of forgiveness and practice it.

Fr. Jacques Phillipe

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