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Concordi Laetitia- A Marian Easter Hymn!

Ave Maria!
This hymn encompasses the joy of Mary in this Easter season! May we rejoice with Her and Her Beloved Son!

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1. With harmonious joy, with sadness repelled,
the Church recalls Mary’s praise: O Virgin Mary!
2. Who, with happy joy – the Lord having risen –
flowered like a lily, beholding her Son alive. O Virgin Mary!
3. O how the celestial choruses sing praise with equal concert, and
we, together with the dwellers in heaven, compose a new melody:
O Virgin Mary!
4. O Queen of virgins, be favorable to the prayers of your suppliants,
and after the circuit of death, confer the prize of life: O Virgin Mary!
5. O glorious Trinity, indivisible Unity,
on account of Mary’s merits, save us throughout the ages:
O Virgin Mary!

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