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Holy Week in Seville, Spain- La Estrella

By March 29, 2018Immaculate Art

“Turn then most gracious advocate thine eyes of mercy towards us…O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin, Mary!” Admire two striking examples of the many representations of Jesus and Mary carried in procession by the faithful of Seville, Spain during Holy Week -Semana Santa; Meditations carved in wood and gold, these particular images are named “Most Holy Mary of the Star” and “Our Father, Jesus of Sorrows.”

[A rough translation of the name of the pious association which has custody of these images: The Sacramental Brotherhood and Confraternity of Nazarenes of Our Father, Jesus of the Sorrows and Most Holy Mary of the Star, Triumph of the Holy Wood of the Cross, St. Francis of Paula and The Saints Justa and Rufina]


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