Ave Maria Meditations

The Seventh Sorrow: Jesus is Buried in the Tomb:  Now there was in the place where he was crucified, a garden; and in the garden a new sepulchre, wherein no man yet had been laid. Therefore, because of the parasceve of the Jews, they laid Jesus, because the sepulchre was nigh at hand. (Jn 19: 41-42)

I pity you, my afflicted mother, on account of the seventh sword that pierced your heart, on seeing in your arms your Son who had just expired, no longer fair and beautiful as you did once receive him in the stable of Bethlehem, but covered with blood, livid, and lacerated by wounds which exposed his very bones. “My Son,” you said, “my Son, to what has love brought you?” And when he was borne to the sepulcher, you did wish to accompany him yourself, and help to put him in the tomb with your own hands; and, bidding him a last farewell, you have left your loving heart buried with your Son. By all the anguish of your pure soul, obtain for me, oh mother of fair love, pardon for the offences that I have committed against my God, whom I love, and of which I repent with my whole heart. I beg you to defend me in every temptation. Assist me at the hour of my death, that, being saved by the merits of Jesus and yours, I may come one day with your aid, after this miserable exile, to sing in paradise the praises of Jesus and yours through all eternity. Amen.


My afflicted Mother, I will not leave Thee alone to weep. No, I wish to keep Thee company with my tears. This grace I ask of Thee today: obtain for me a continual remembrance of the Passion of Jesus, and of Thine also, and a tender devotion to them, that all the remaining days of my life may be spent in weeping for Thy sorrows, oh my Mother, and for those of my Redeemer.

I hope that these sorrows will give me the confidence and strength not to despair at the hour of my death, at the sight of the offenses I have committed against my Lord. By these must I obtain pardon, perseverance, paradise, where I hope to rejoice with Thee, and sing the infinite mercy of my God through all eternity. For this do I hope, may it be so. Amen, amen.

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