Video – Power Evangelization & Healing – SPSE Retreat 2017 4/6 – CONF 383

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Ave Maria!

At the Saint Paul Street Evangelization 2017 retreat for Evangelists called Lumen Veritatis at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center, Mark Hornbacker and Steve Dawson give the fourth of six talks: "Power Evangelization & Healing" where they explain the role of miracles and healing in the early Church to power evangelize a society that is hardened in sin.  They discuss whether our current society is equally hardened and thus if our New Evangelization is equally in need of miracles. This is covered from the, biblical, theological and, of course, the practical, experienced, street evangelist's point of view and is the product of much prayer and research. Steve relates an actual experience he had with healing and the one he healed gives her testimony.

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