Video – St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal – Redone

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Ave Maria!

This is a repost of a very early video, but also one our most popular videos ever, with almost 200,000 views on YouTube. It is on the Miraculous Medal, the feast day for which is tomorrow Novemnber 27th. However it is not just the same video. We remastered it with the full resolution that we filmed it in, which is only in the old Standard Definition from the 1990's when it was done. However this version is better than what was on line here before which was only about half that due to the fact that it was uploaded in 2007 when the internet was not fast enough for higher resolutions. Well, things have changed and since we are celebrating ten years of our first video being uploaded, we thought this was a good time to redo some of our earliest videos where we can. Happy feast of the Miraculous Medal!

Here is the original post:

This vignette of the apparition of Our Lady to St. Catherine Laboure on the occasion of her request for the Medal was produced by the Franciscans of the Immaculate in conjunction with Susan Mackewich of Gizmo Productions and Dave Wroe. We include this segment on the happy occasion of the start of Air Maria and on the Feast of the Annunciation [March 25, 2007, official start of AirMaria] of the Archangel St. Michael to Our Lady resulting in the blessed Incarnation of the Son of God.

Ave Maria!
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