Video – Fr. Luedtke – 8 Day Retreat – 22/25 – Grades of Prayer – CONF 354

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Ben Luedtke gives the twenty-second of twenty-five conferences for his Eight Day Ignatian Retreat. The subjects he covers are: Grades of Prayer, reality received by the five senses, will and intellect, help from God. How a retreat helps reduce static of world to be able to sense God, see God in a spiritual quiet, nothingness, vocal prayer, Intermediate, Meditation, contemplation, St. Francis, night of the senses, Dark night of the soul, Spiritual Espousal, Transforming union. This is the goal and is accessible to everyone even if only a few actually attain it in this life

About the retreat:   The retreat was conducted by Fr. Ben Luedtke who has condensed St. Ignatius' classic thirty day spiritual exercises into an eight day retreat that makes this life changing spiritual experience more accessible to the average person. It consists of twenty-five conferences (recorded in this video series), which are used by those on retreat along with further reflections given to them as handouts to base their hour long meditations which they make after each conference. The typical day consists of three of these conferences, one in the morning, afternoon and evening. Fr. Ben also gave them private spiritual direction and Mass each day. The retreat took place at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center in Bloomington, IN from Oct 9-17th, 2016. Father usually gives these retreats at this retreat center in the spring and fall of each year. See his website for other times and places or to arrange one near you.


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