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How I Came to Think Differently about Mary |Blogs |

By July 1, 2016From the Web

Ave Maria!

I saw this from Mark Shea at the Register and thought our readers would be interested. He is a convert from Evangelicalism.

It once seemed perfectly obvious to me that Catholics honored Mary too much. All those feasts, rosaries, icons, statues and whatnot were ridiculously excessive. Yes, the gospel of Luke said something about her being “blessed” and yes I thought her a good person. But that was that.

No Mary, No Salvation

People who celebrated her or called her “Mother” or did all the million things which Catholic piety encourages bordered on idolatry. It was all too much. Jesus, after all, is our Savior, not Mary.

However, after looking at the gospel of Luke afresh and thinking more and more about the humanity of Jesus Christ, some things dawned on me. For it turns out that Luke said more than “something” about Mary. He reports that . . .

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