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Ave Maria!

At the Symposium titled "Sursum Actio" at Notre Dame Univ. from Jun 8-9, 2015, in honor of the life work of Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, F.I., Gloria Dodd, S.T.D. , Lecturer & Researcher of the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at Dayton University, gives the eighth conference which she titles, "Fehlner on Marian Coredemption and Mediation".  She gives a synthesis of the content of the doctrine of the Coredemption and Mediation of Mary as presented in ten international symposiums called "Mary at the Foot of the Cross" that were organized by Fr. Peter between 2000 and 2009. She covers the strong theological  foundation for this doctrine and the deep roots in the Church's Tradition including saints, doctors, and popes.

She starts with the usual objections:
1. Christ alone.
2. A redeemed person cannot redeem.
3. "Coredemptrix" is ambiguous.
4. Coredemption lacks a Patristic, Biblical basis.
5. Vatican II excluded Coredemption.
6. The ecclesio-typical approach (focus on Mary's membership in the Church in Vat II) entails Mary's passivity in redemption.
7. Mary's sacramental cooperation is remote and mediate.
8. Her cooperation is mere intercession.
9. This abstract theology is unreal.
10. Our culture does not value self-sacrifice.

She notes Fr. Peter's appeals to authority in response to these and how he sets out the proper distinctions:
How salvation is distinct from redemption
How preservative redemption is distinct from liberative.
Then lists how Mary is unique in her cooperation based on her Immaculate Conception.
And her three fold mediation.

Dr. Dodd then goes through the ten objections and how Fr. Peter addresses them.
She follows with a summary of Fr. Peter's accomplishments.

The talk is followed by a commentary by Fr. Peter and then a round table discussion with the other presenters.

For the books that resulted from the ten international symposiums mentioned in this talk:

This symposium, Sursum Actio ("Lift up your Actions" or more loosely "Lift up your Hearts"), was organized in honor of the life work of Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner after he won the Cardinal John J. Wright Marialogical Award of 2015 from the Mariological Society of America for his outstanding contributions to Mariology.
For a more complete list of all fourteen talks from this symposium:

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