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Mariology for Everyone #20 ( 22min) Play - Dr. Miravalle on the doctrine of Mary as Coredemptrix and how it does not mean that she is equal to Jesus. This show includes:

- Meaning of Co-redemption
- - co- means "with" not "equal", like co-pilot, co-star, co-heir (we are co-heirs with Christ)
- - All Christians  participate in the redemption with Jesus, but Mary in a unique way
- - Mary gave Jesus His body that he used for redeeming us
- - But she also participated uniquely like no other creature at the foot of the cross
- Scripture
- - Presentation Simeon, sign of contradiction, and your heart too will be pierced.
- - Prefigures Mary presenting her son to the father at Calvary.
- Magisterium
- - Vatican II, Lumen Gentium 58 Lovingly consenting to suffer with Jesus.
- - JPII Mary was spiritually crucified with Her Son
- Mary's Co-redemption continues by distributing the graces won by her Son at Calvary.

This series is a complete 50 part introductory course on Mary presented by Dr. Miravalle, a theology professor specializing in Mariology, who has been teaching at the Franciscan University of Steubenville for over 25 years. General topics are as follows:

- Mary as revealed in the Sacred Scriptures, taught and explained by the Church Fathers, the Saints, and the Church's documents
- the proper ways to show childlike love and devotion to the Blessed Mother of Jesus;
- Church's official teaching on Marian apparitions over the centuries.

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