Variety #277 – Fra Solanus on Glastonbury

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Ave Maria!

Fra Solanus tells us about Glastonbury in England, and how this place was steeped in history even prior to the re-building of the famous abbey in the 14th century. Joseph of Arimathea is said to have come here in 63 A.D. (and perhaps even before that with the Boy Jesus); St. David consecrated a chapel of the B.V.M early on; St. Dunstan once reigned as Abbot. We won’t mention the bold King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table! The Abbey’s last abbot was the saintly and learned (Blessed) Richard Whiting, who along with two of his monks, was hanged, drawn and quartered during the reign of King Henry VIII. The Dissolution of the Monasteries Act is also examined.

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