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Ave Maria!

Adult themes discussed, viewer discretion advised

Emily Stimpson a freelance author based in Steubenville, OH gives the “Nine Rules of Catholic Friendship” in her talk at the 2015 Courage Conference at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Il.  These rules refer to how to have good friendships in the single life as a fulfilled, chaste, happy person in a world that does not understand true friendship. She bases them on John Paul II's Theology of the Body. They are:
1. Be real. Be yourself so that you love others others love the real you.
2. Have fun in friendships. Be open to new experiences.
3. Grow in Holiness grow closer to Christ, be challenged by your friends and challenge them.
4. Be consistent in your friendships, seeing the value of other people and love them.
5. Avoiding clicks, reach out to others.
6. Be called out of yourselves and learn to be a gift to others.
7. Keep friendships divers in race, age, status.
8. Be seasonal, all-weather, in all circumstance. Be a gift to others even when this is not easy.
9. Be personal, one-on-one as opposed to online, develop hospitality and community.

Courage is a Roman Catholic Apostolate to those who experience same sex attraction, providing moral and community support to help them live according to the teachings of the Church. The vast majority of the content of these excellent talks is fully applicable to all Catholics of any orientation and is well worth viewing.

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