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Mariology for Everyone #11 ( 18min) Play - In this session of Dr. Mark Miravalle’s complete Marialogical course he covers the first dogma of Mary proclaimed by the Church, Mary is the Mother of God, Theotokos in Greek,  and how this clarified and upheld the teachings on Christ.

- When dogma was proclaimed
- Nestorian Heresy at same time
- - Denied that Jesus is truly God
- - Relation to Mary as Mother of God
- - Nestorius's refusal to call Mary Mother of God
- In scripture
- - Luk 1:31 Gabriel to Mary: Child to be called Son of God
- - Gal 4:4 Born of a woman
- Tradition
- - Apostles' Creed
- - Hipolytus, Irenaeaus, Cyprian
- Magisterium Ephesus 431
- How can she be Mother of God?
- - Mary is Mother of Jesus who is God
- - But not of God the Father nor Holy Spirit
- - Definition of Motherhood, give a like nature to her child
- - - Not divine personhood or nature
- - - Mary gives human nature
- - - But human nature is hypostatically united to Divine Person
- - - Jesus has twofold sonship but is only on Person
- - - Therefore She is Mother of God and Nestorius is incorrect

This series is a complete 50 part introductory course on Mary presented by Dr. Miravalle, a theology professor specializing in Mariology, who has been teaching at the Franciscan University of Steubenville for over 25 years. General topics are as follows:

- Mary as revealed in the Sacred Scriptures, taught and explained by the Church Fathers, the Saints, and the Church's documents
- the proper ways to show childlike love and devotion to the Blessed Mother of Jesus;
- Church's official teaching on Marian apparitions over the centuries.

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