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Mariology for Everyone #10 ( 16min) Play - In this session of Dr. Mark Miravalle’s complete Marialogical course he explains the definitions and distinctions between Dogma, Doctrine, and Discipline (the three D's) and how this pertains to Mary:

- Dogma
- - What is a dogma?
- - solemnly defined and binding in the highest manner
- - by the extraordinary Magisterium
- - How it comes about, Ecumenical Councils and Papal Proclamations
- Doctrine
- - What is a Doctrine?
- - Teaching pertaining to truth by the ordinary Magisterium
- - How doctrines are binding
- - Doctrines can develop but not change to something else.
- Discipline
- - Practical dictate relating to a doctrine
- - Discipline can change
- - But we are bound to it
- Applied to Mary, 4 Dogmas:
- - Mother of God
- - Perpetual Virgin
- - Immaculate Conception
- - Assumed into Heaven
- - Fifth doctrine
- - - Mary as Our Spiritual Mother

Dr. Mark Miravalle

This series is a complete 50 part introductory course on Mary presented by Dr. Miravalle, a theology professor specializing in Mariology, who has been teaching at the Franciscan University of Steubenville for over 25 years. General topics are as follows:

- Mary as revealed in the Sacred Scriptures, taught and explained by the Church Fathers, the Saints, and the Church's documents
- the proper ways to show childlike love and devotion to the Blessed Mother of Jesus;
- Church's official teaching on Marian apparitions over the centuries.

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