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Ave Maria Meditations

From a great spiritual director:

You say that you are convinced that God intends you to be a great saint and that you wish it ardently. He certainly has great graces prepared for you. But you must win your crown, my dear child, and draw down the eyes of His tender love by your generous persevering efforts. You have a long way to go yet. The latter of perfection is reached but not mounted; and there is just a danger of sitting contentedly at the at the foot, measuring the distance to be climbed later on and us putting off the day of sacrifice which Jesus asks. His heart is open to receive you; He points to it as your home and resting place; but the crown of forms like a thick head bars the way. Are you afraid of pressing against those thorns which will wound and tear you as your force your way through? Have courage! The love of Jesus will sweeten it all, and His strong arm will support you if you are brave.
Recognize God’s graces to you, and instead of thinking of yourself and your faults, try to do all you can for God, and love Him more.
+Fr. William Doyle

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