Feb 17 – Homily – Fr Matthias: Devotion to Our Lady’s Sorrows

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Homily #150217n ( 07min) Play - Father speaks of the 7 men we remember today, the 7 Holy Founders of the Servite order. They received a mandate from the Mother of God herself to spread devotion to her sorrows. Father tells us that the word of redemption has two parts, the objective redemption, which is the work of Christ on the cross whereby he won for us our redemption, and the subjective redemption, which is the application of those merits to us. We need to be devoted to the Passion of Our Lord, since it is by this we can be saved, but the complement of Our Lord's Passion is Our Lady's Compassion, and it was these two united which won salvation for us.
Ave Maria!
Mass: 7 Founders of Servite Order - Opt Mem - Form: OF

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