Dec 26 – Homily – Fr Matthias: Witnessing to Christmas

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Homily #141226n ( 06min) Play - Father comments on the Feast of St. Steven, the Protomartyr, and tells us that this reminds us that the joy of Christmas, of the Incarnation, intrinsically calls for witnesses who are ready and willing to give testimony for what they believe. If it seems we have peace with the world, Father tells us, we need to examine to see if we have peace because we have capitulated to the world's demands and we need to remember that this peace will never last long since there is no peace between the world and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must always be ready to witness, for we don't know when the time will come or what will be asked of us, it could be our very lives, but whatever else happens, we must not betray the dignity we have of being Children of God.
Ave Maria!
Mass: St. Stephen - The Protomartyr - Feast - Form: OF
1st: act 6:8-10, 7, 54-59
Resp: psa 31:3-4, 6, 7, 8, 17, 21
Gsp: mat 10:17-22

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