Dec 12 – Homily – Fr Matthias: No Knot She Cannot Unknot

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Homily #141212n ( 06min) Play - Pope Francis has been highlighting Our Lady as the "Untier of Knots," for it is by Her obedience that the knot tied by Eve's disobedience is undone, and Our Lady can also untie the knots of sin and its consequences in our lives as well. We see this extraordinarily in Her visit to Mexico in 1531, after which the natives began to, through Mary, come to Christ, and within eight years, a torrent of nine million people were baptized by the missionaries. If we turn to Her, She will untie the knots we have tied in our own lives, and especially in our souls. And then, after this, She will be able to also untie the knots in our families, in the Church, our nation, and the entire world.

Ave Maria!
Mass: Our Lady of Guadalupe - Feast - Form: OF
1st: zec 2:14-17
Resp: jth 13:22-23
2nd: rev 11:19, 12:1-6a,10
Gsp: luk 1:26-38

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