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Edward Sri | Mary, Bethlehem and the Cross – Rosary Crawl

Ave Maria!

Ok, this finishes the Rosary Crawl which we started at the midpoint (or is that mid-crawl?)  when I noticed it on Catholic World Report.  This one is the Nativity at Bethlehem from Edward Sri at To Keep and to Ponder

From Edward Sri | Mary, Bethlehem and the Cross.:

I am happy to be part of a blog tour for a new movie being released by Ignatius Press, entitled Mary of Nazareth. Each person on the tour is offering a reflection on one of the mysteries of the Rosary, and I’ve been tasked with Mary at the Nativity. For a sample clip of this scene from the movie, visit v=O9VyT9sY_Dc&authuser=0. If you want your family and friends to know Mary better, this movie is worth seeing!


I am especially excited to be a part of this because I am in Israel right now leading a “Walking with Mary” Holy Land pilgrimage, in which we use the 20 mysteries of the Rosary as our itinerary and pray right in the places where these mysteries unfolded. The following is based on my reflections from our group’s visit to Bethlehem this week.



The Mary of the Bible is not fully portrayed by the Mary of your grandmother’s nativity set.

Not that the classical depiction of Our Lady kneeling before the manger with her hands folded and her eyes gazing upon the infant child is wrong. It beautifully captures the Blessed Mother’s ardent devotion to her newborn Son.

But if we read the Bible carefully, we can see there was a lot more going on in Mary’s life in those days, and some of it would be been quite troubling for her.

More at Edward Sri | Mary, Bethlehem and the Cross.

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