Jul 27 – Homily – Fr Matthias: Islam and Providence

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Homily #140727n ( 18min) Play - Father reminds us that "that all things work for good for those who love God," and that this presupposes Faith in Providence (a.k.a. God's loving plan for everything) and Love of God. As an example, Father turns our attention to the tribulation Iraqi Christians are currently undergoing and gives a short commentary on Islam and how we all can defend against it by living lives strongly founded on Christian Faith. For an example of strong and courageous faith, we can take the example of our Iraqi brethren and, in particular, the example of Patriarch Sako in his exhortation to the Christians in Iraq. Father asks us to examine ourselves, if we aren't ready to practice our faith in peace, how will we be ready when persecution comes to us?

The pastoral address quoted by Father may be found here: http://saint-adday.com/permalink/6326.html .
Ave Maria!
Mass: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday - Form: OF
1st: 1ki 3:5, 7-12
Resp: psa 119:57, 72, 76-77, 127-128, 129-130
2nd: rom 8:28-30
Gsp: mat 13:44-52

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  • While Muslims are overwhelming Christians demographically, it is because “Christians” are violating the Natural Law by practicing artificial contraception (by doing so they have also opened the door to acceptance of homosexuality). Yet, is any Christian minister preaching about this? Christians and their clerical leaders sadly appear to be there own downfall. We act as though truth is something to be avoided, rather than embraced!

    Regarding Iraqi Christians and that those who live by the sword will die by it — in this case, those who do not live by the sword may die by it as well. Christians are not pacifists by virtue of their faith, and legitimate self defense is a Natural Right. The situation in Iraq makes a strong case for gun rights and the need to possess military skills.

    Ave Maria!

  • I could also add to the above that the Papal States actually contributed galleons to the armada/naval force which faced off with the Muslim navies during the famous Battle of Lepanto. It was a combination of devotion to the Rosary and Our Lady, and practical material means that defeated the Muslims and preserved Christian Europe from the scourge of Islamic domination.

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