Month of Mary 8 – Fr. Joachim – Give Mary Everything??? (Part II)

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Month of Mary #8 ( 06min) Play - Yesterday, Father told us that we need not fear giving Mary the right to do with our prayers as She pleases, for She knows better than us what to do with them, and She will not be outdone in generosity. Today, we turn our attention towards our own merits and satisfactions. If we give Mary all our merits, won't we end up empty-handed before God? Yes, we won't have our merits, but we will have Mary's. What about our satisfactions, won't we be in purgatory for a long time? Once again, will She be outdone in generosity? Will She forget those who abandon themselves to Her? Let us stop thinking of ourselves, but strive to love God and give Him as much glory as possible!

Today's Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to give great glory to God by giving all I have to Mary.

Ave Maria!

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