Feb 02 – Homily – Fr Maximilian W: The Presentation of the Lord

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Homily #140202n ( 12min) Play - Father Maximilian preaches about the light of Christ on the Presentation of the Lord, and encourages us to open ourselves up to Him so that His light may dispel the darkness of our sins. Do we refuse him or do we open ourselves up to him? Father then recalls the prophesy to Mary, "A sword will pierce your heart," and reminds us that the Christian life will bring many sufferings and trials. Let us entrust ourselves to Mary so that she may unite us to Christ and obtain for us the grace to persevere in our Holy Faith.

Ave Maria!
Mass: Presentation of the Lord - Feast - Form: OF
1st: mal 3:1-4
Resp: psa 24:7, 8, 9, 10
2nd: heb 2:14-18
Gsp: luk 2:22-40

Audio (MP3)