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Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Geiger gives his fifth talk for our retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center called "Apocalypse Now" which is about Revelation, the last and most mysterious book of the Bible. In this talk he covers how Mary plays a central role in the battles with Satan throughout history and in the future.

  • Summary of Salvation and Revelations

    • Fall of the Angels over plan of Incarnation

    • Hatred of all Mankind

    • Tempted Adam and Eve who fell

    • God Curses them but informs them of the Savior Gen 3:15

    • From a woman with enmity against Satan

    • History unfolds from here

    • Fathers make connection b/w Eden, Annunciation, Calvary

    • between Eve (mediated  fall) and Mary (mediated redemption)

    • Conflict b/w Satan v. Christ, Mary basis for history

  • Mary is a symbol of Church and visa versa

    • Mother, Mediatrix of grace,  Teacher

  • Post Vatican II Crisis consists in treating Church as human

    • Both Progressives and Traditionalists

    • Mary shows how the Church is not this

  • Pope Benedict and Mary

    • Ratzinger's Marian transformation

    • Ratzinger Report of Mary never enough

    • Crusher of all heresies

  • Mexico, Mary ended human sacrifice

  • Lepanto, Mary gives Victory over Muslim fleet

  • Mary is present in all aspects of Christian life

    • because Christ planned this

    • to save us by uniting himself to human family

    • Did not cling to being God but emptied himself

    • became dependent on Mary

    • Bethlehem, born in a manger

    • So we must empty ourselves

  • Becoming Children of Mary

    • Key to winning battles

    • Failure to turn to her is why we are doing poorly

    • Once we do we will have victories

    • we must be witnesses

    • foster culture, example conducive to Mary

  • St Maximilian become instruments

    • Do with me what you want to save souls

  • Fatima children - make sacrifice

    • do our daily duty well

    • accept current difficulties

    • offer up to Jesus

  • Sin brings disorder and strife

    • virtue order and peace

    • Cross is the means to virtue

    • Mary at the foot of the Cross is on our side

All the talks of the conference in order:

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