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Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Geiger gives his fourth talk for our retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center called "Apocalypse Now" which is about Revelation, the last and most mysterious book of the Bible. In this talk he covers liturgical aspects of the book where the great wedding feast is a heavenly liturgy fulfilling the Passover feast and the Holy Mass of the New Covenant.

  • Many liturgical elements

    • Entire book is structured like a mass

    • Confiteor, the word, Opening of the temple is the Eucharist

    • Canticles, incense, elders, prayers, altar, many others

    • 14:1 144,000 Name written on the forehead.

    • Alleluias

  • Mass is reflection of heavenly liturgy

    • pinnacle of our worship

    • 11:37 Seated on the throne, lamb who was slain

    • Reason why we can worship anywhere

  • Battle happens in the liturgy,

    • Liturgy is attacked

    • Need renewal, reform

  • Vatican II active participation

    • Key Motive for the council, Good

    • But implemented in overly human way

    • God should be the center, worship Him

    • Real participation is not "doing stuff"

    • Rather conscious participation in the sacrifice

    • based on royal priesthood of baptized

    • Lumen Gentium all are priests called to sacrifice

    • Ordained Priest offers in the person of Christ

    • We represent ourselves and offer ourselves

    • All our suffering made fruitful by Sacrifice of the Mass

    • We are at Calvary at Mass

  • Reform is on going and has been talked about for centuries

    • Need to add silence and reverence

    • Needs to be both God centered and relational

      • both horizontal and vertical

    • New mass vernacular suited for participation

    • Offer spiritual sacrifice together with saints

    • Liturgical abuse is unfortunate sign of the times

  • Mass is the victory

    • Given by God for all spiritual combat

    • Heaven and earth meet

  • Questions:

  • Is John the author of Revelations different in style from other of John's writings

    • differences are mostly due to prophetic nature, other letters are not

  • Medjugorje why so slow?

    • Still in process, apparitions still going on

    • Jury is still out

    • suffering is involved in many of these things, Padre Pio

    • But like him should always obey Church

  • Relationship between Revelations and feast at Cana?

    • Yes both are wedding feasts

    • many layers of meaning in revelation

    • Christ performs first miracle at a wedding by his plan

    • Douay-Rheims accurate Our Lady knows the significance of asking this

  • Mark of the Beast is implanted chips

    • Could be but not to be focused on

    • Church does not define these things

  • Confiteor only one is done in latest TLM

  • Difference between Protestant and Catholic Interpretations

    • Scott Hahn used to see it a futuristic

    • started to become Catholic as he realized that it is largely Liturgical

    • Very little has been defined as to what verses mean what

  • Obama Care is it Apocalyptic

    • Could be but not necessarily

    • Is in sense of Government to overstep

    • and involves a challenge to accept Contraceptive mandate

All the talks of the conference in order:

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