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Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Geiger gives the third talk for our retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center called "Apocalypse Now" on Revelation, the last and most mysterious book of the Bible. In this talk he covers "wars and rumors of wars" that is mentioned in Matthew 24:6 as a sign of the coming of tribulations.

  • The beast: Dragon, Rome or Demons

  • Starts with the angels

  • Multiple layers of meaning

  • Key for understanding is Woman Clothed with Sun

  • Rejection of woman as cause of fall, start of battle

  • Franciscan View

  • Centrality of Christ in Creation

  • Fall and Satan is cause of all sin evil

  • Part of the ongoing battle

  • Relativism making the rules for ourselves, Satanic

  • Selfishness, pride, tyranny, domination, exploitation

  • Beast given dominion over the whole world

    • Roman government is first meaning

    • Power of state to corrupt religion

    • Part of ongoing battle during early persecutions

    • but continuing even during "Christendom"

    • And in modern times after Protestant and French Revolution

  • We must avoid surprise when the state grabs too much power

  • Religious freedom meant to avoid this over arching

  • Church is main institution protecting these rights

  • Must stick with the Church even during scandal

  • State will always try to capitalize on these

  • But Church is always best guarantor of human rights

  • Need exorcism in society and healing

  • Need to take our medicine

    • become virtuous

    • Do pennance

    • If we don't then God's wrath

      • But this brings healing

  • Fight the good fight on a human level

  • But mostly we must embrace the Cross

  • Apocalypse says Christ will conquer

    • but through the Cross

    • Seed of the new springtime is blood of Martyrs

All the talks of the conference in order:

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