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Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Geiger gives the second talk for our retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center called "Apocalypse Now" which is on Revelation, the last and most mysterious book of the Bible. In this talk he covers the historical aspect of the book.

  • Opposition between light and darkness

  • Between Christ and the world

  • Fallen angels

  • Exhortations and encouragement

  • Letters to the local Churches

  • Jesus is already King in this book

  • Principles of interpretation, Benedict's:

    • Hermeneutic of Continuity

    • Avoiding extremes

      • Modernism too optimistic, utopian

      • Traditionalists too pessimistic

    • Bonaventure Theology of History

    • New springtime, time of martyrs

    • Everything should revolve around Christ

  • We fight against the world by embracing the cross

  • Mary's role

    • Woman Clothed with the Sun

    • Similar to Fatima, Miracle of the Sun

      • Very apocalyptic

  • Jesus is the Lord of History and Mary is His Mother

All the talks of the conference in order:

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