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Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Geiger gives the first talk for our retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center called "Apocalypse Now" which is on Revelation, the last and most mysterious book of the Bible. In this talk he covers the historical aspect  of the book.

Reality of persecution is a current concern and not something that we don't have to wait for and this is reflected in our literature and movies both religious and secular. We should not look at this book as a survival guide for the end times at least not in the secular sense but rather a spiritual guide, a call to holiness that begins now.

  • Common Interpretations: historic, prophetic, or both

  • Should not lead to fear but should have us grow in holiness.

  • Liturgical overtones as a means for being prepared for difficult life

  • Need to avoid sensation

  • Nature of Crisis in the Bible

  • The presence Mary and the Cross

  • Salvation arises out of Crisis, the Cross

  • Over optimism and pessimism during a Crisis

  • Victory follows Crisis especially the Apocalypse

  • End of the Year of Faith, End of the Liturgical year

  • Jesus is Christ the King, Lord of History

All the talks of the conference in order:

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