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Whispers in the Loggia: Tomorrow, “Francis Comes Home”

Well, folks, greetings from the calm before what could just end up being the defining day of this pontificate…

…after the last almost seven months, that’s saying something, no?

Before 8am local (2am ET) tomorrow, what was unthinkable not all that long ago will be realized as the first Pope called Francis begins a daylong pilgrimage in Assisi, to the Poverello’s home on his feast – the place where, eight centuries after him, the spirit of the most beloved of saints isn’t merely still felt, but remains the Umbrian town’s ethereal, pervading element.

As no less than six speeches are planned – all of them looking to be drawn from the template of Francesco di Bernardone and his radical embrace of “Lady Poverty” for the sake of witnessing to the Gospel – the more sensitive among us might want to brace yourselves. Whatever the case, let’s all just breathe, pray and take it easy while easy can last.

For now, as ever, look to your right sidebar for the running updates – more here once the words are sufficient… even as these have stood the test of the ages:

Most High, glorious God,

enlighten the darkness of my heart

and give me true faith,

certain hope and perfect charity, sense and knowledge,

that I may carry out, Lord,

Your holy and true command.

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