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Check out how Gaudi’s ‘Sagrada Familia’ will look in 2026

By September 29, 2013From the Web

2026 We build tomorrow | Construïm el demà | Construimos el mañana – YouTube.

September 26, 2013. ( VIDEO-) During his visit to Barcelona, Benedict XVI consecrated the city’s famous ‘Sagrada Familia.’ Even though Masses are celebrated in the basilica, construction work is still going on. But now there’s a way for visitors to see how Gaudi’s masterpiece will look when it’s all completed.

With just a simple click, this video gives people an inside look at just how the basilica will look. If everything goes as planned, the construction project will be completed in the year 2026, so 154 years after Gaudi began working on it.

The basilica’s exterior is full of symbolism. There’s a tower for every evangelist and one for every apostle. Above the rest, there are two other towers. One that represents the Virgin Mary and the other, standing at more than 550 feet, represents Jesus.



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